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Japan Expo 2013 Convention Coverage by The ...

Sep 27, 2013No Comments109 Views

The Bui attended the first ever Japan Expo USA convention with Ho Doug and JwaiDesign and Photography. Here's what they got.


Big Wow Comicfest 2013 Convention Report by...

May 27, 20132 Comments83 Views

Big Wow ComicFest might be small in size, but it still manages to draw some big names. The Bui fills us in on the sights


Cosplay Photography: Playing With Ambient L...

May 17, 20132 Comments90 Views

Chalked full of sample photos with detailed setup analysis including camera settings, this video is a much watch for cosplay photographers who struggle with getting


Insights Into Setting Up and Running an Ani...

May 15, 2013No Comments55 Views

In the course of 17 weeks, I and 30 other UC Davis students from the Davis Anime Club (DAC) created DAiCon while studying for classes,


Animation on Display 2013 Con-Coverage Repo...

Mar 04, 2013No Comments83 Views

Animation on Display (AoD) is a small local convention that takes place annually and has been steadily growing every year. Situated inside of the gorgeous

My Little Pony - Butterfly Rarity by FiveRings

How I Shot It – Butterfly Rarity by F...

Feb 06, 2013No Comments110 Views

Introducing a new series of articles where we take a unique, interesting, or challenging photo and explain how it was shot – the thought process

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Photography Tutorial: Night Photography wit...

Aug 06, 20126 Comments153 Views

I spend quite a bit of time looking at cosplay photos and I’ve come to a conclusion that there are not enough nighttime cosplay photos,


August 2012 Featured Photographer of the Mo...

Aug 01, 2012No Comments124 Views

For the month of August 2012, Cosplay Photographers has chosen Andy Rakka, the amazing cosplay photographer! His style and approach has produced some amazing one-of-a-kind


Anime North 2012 Convention Report by Ray L...

Jun 13, 2012No Comments177 Views

One of our very own Ambassadors was up at Anime North and brings back some photos and information for a con-coverage report.


Fanime 2012: The Good, The Bad, and The Fun...

Jun 12, 20121 Comment140 Views

Fanime 2012 came and went this year and while it had some notable problems, it was also a huge blast and the best Fanime so