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[CLOSED] Be A Part of Breaking All The Rules Contest

Jul 26, 2013No Comments337 Views

If you haven't heard, our very own Ambassador Ger Tysk of Chou-Wa Photography and Cosplay has been working on a book about cosplay called Breaking


Equipment Insurance: Do I Really Need It?

Jul 25, 20131 Comment854 Views

What if you were doing a beach photoshoot in the water with a model, an unexpected wave hits causing you to trip and fall and


Cosplay Photographers Critique Corner Episode 10

Jul 24, 2013No Comments238 Views

In this week’s episode we cover a wide range of things especially near the end of the episode. This includes how to get a cosplayer


The Best Cosplay Photos from Anime Expo 2013

Jul 24, 20134 Comments1363 Views

Anime Expo this year was a blast! Presenting our top picks for the Best Cosplay Photos from AX 2013.


Fanime 2013 Convention Coverage Report by The Bui

Jul 18, 2013No Comments341 Views

Many of the friends and people I've spoken to regarding their Fanime experience have said things such as "This year sucked.", "It was horrible.", "Last


How I Shot It – Cosplay Photographers Photobooth at Anime Expo 2013

Jul 17, 20131 Comment899 Views

Cosplay Photographers photo-booth shooting experience at Anime Expo 2013 and how one photographer goes about shooting cosplay on a thunder gray backdrop set.


Cosplay Photographers Critique Corner Episode 9

Jul 13, 2013No Comments376 Views

This week we cover how to give great pictures that further polish to push em even further. We also touch on making post effects look


July 2013 Featured Photographer of the Month: Fernando Brischetto

Jul 02, 2013No Comments667 Views

For July's featured photographer, we head down to Latin America, to the very southernmost country of Argentina. Fernando Brischetto is one of two very


Cosplay Photographers Critique Corner Episode 8

Jul 01, 2013No Comments200 Views

In episode 8 we discuss how to position your subject better, how to manage external lighting and how to deal with cosplayers and their props.

Critique Corner

Cosplay Photographers Critique Corner Episode 7

Jun 29, 2013No Comments214 Views

This episode of Critique Corner is hosted by Beethy. With guests Darrell and Vincent. Today we’ll start off with a Daft Punk image by Andy