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PAX Australia 2013 Convention Coverage by Beethy

Aug 26, 2013No Comments

Beethy has the pleasure of attending Penny Arcade Expo Australia aka PAX.

Cosplay Photographers Critique Corner Episode 15

Aug 19, 2013No Comments

No holds barred critique in this episode. We go all out on a whopping 6 pictures. From ensuring you capture your subject at the correct

Post Processing Tutorial – Ganondorf

Aug 14, 20131 Comment

In this post processing tutorial, Al walks you through how he edited a photo of Ganondorf cosplay.

Cosplay Photographers Critique Corner Episode 14

Aug 12, 2013No Comments

This week we look at a variety of photos varying in quality. We talk about the usual things. How to pose your cosplayer, how to

Cosplay Photographers Critique Corner Episode 13

Aug 05, 20133 Comments

This week we go through 5 high quality images and nitpick like crazy. This episode is our best yet and a must see if you’re

Cosplay Photographers Critique Corner Episode 12

Aug 01, 2013No Comments

Here Eric, Vincent and myself quickly go through a few submissions to point out some obvious errors or mistakes. This is a longer episode so

Cosplay Photographers Critique Corner Episode 11

Aug 01, 2013No Comments

In this episode Tim and I discuss how important the right angle is, to ensure you find the right backdrop for your cosplayer and to

August 2013 Featured Photographer of the Month: ImMuze

Aug 01, 20132 Comments

ImMuze is a West Coast staple at Californian conventions such as Anime Los Angeles and Fanime. Although he keeps a fairly low profile with a

Anime Expo 2013 Convention Coverage by Victoria

Jul 30, 2013No Comments

One of the biggest anime conventions in North America, Anime Expo took place over the weekend of July 4th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

[CLOSED] Be A Part of Breaking All The Rules Contest

Jul 26, 2013No Comments

If you haven't heard, our very own Ambassador Ger Tysk of Chou-Wa Photography and Cosplay has been working on a book about cosplay called Breaking