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Cheap Camera Challenge #1

Oct 04, 20123 Comments106 Views

One of the things photographers hate hearing is, "That's a nice camera! It must take great photos!" It removes any skill from the photographer and


Ray Lum Photography – Reactive Creations

Oct 03, 2012No Comments52 Views

I’m a reactionary photographer. Likely, this comes from starting with imports; I don’t like posing my models too much or restricting them with too much


MechaCon 2012 Con-Coverage Report by Hai Nguyen and Hillary Stump

Oct 01, 2012No Comments87 Views

Even though this hurricane had brought a week's worth of inconvenience before MechaCon, this did not stop the increase of con goers from attending this


Baltimore Comic-Con Convention Report By Lawrence Brenner

Sep 23, 20121 Comment67 Views

Baltimore Comic-Con is a little-known convention of a few thousand attendees but it packs quite a punch for local attendees. BCC hosts terrific programming


Labor Day Weekend 2012: Best of the Best Features

Sep 19, 2012No Comments93 Views

With so many Anime conventions happening on Labor Day Weekend, we at Cosplay Photographers figured it was best to roll it all into one mega


Kumoricon – Convention Report by Al Lin

Sep 17, 20121 Comment87 Views

It's the 10th anniversary of this convention in the Northwest, named for it's cloudy weather. Staff photographer Al Lin gives us his report on Kumoricon,


Pax Prime – Convention Report

Sep 14, 2012No Comments56 Views

PAX Prime kicked off over the 2012 Labor Day weekend, and thousands of developers, gamers, cosplayers, and general attendees swarmed the Washington State Convention Center,


Mini-Review: The LensPen NLP-1

Sep 12, 2012No Comments128 Views

Dust? Water splashes? Finger prints? There are a number of things that make our camera gear a mess. In photography, the main job of any

Alodia Gosienfiao

Exclusive Interview with Alodia Gosienfiao

Sep 10, 2012No Comments86 Views

Our Ambassador from the north, Ray Lum, recently caught up with Alodia Gosienfiao at Otakuthon 2012 in Montreal, Canada. Ray's friend, Yume, of the cosplay


AniMegaCon 2012 Con-Coverage Report by Tim Vo

Sep 07, 2012No Comments88 Views

This year marked the first ever AniMegaCon in Las Vegas, Nevada. Held at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton), AniMegaCon