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Introducing Our Newest Cosplay Photographers Ambassador: BigWhiteBazooka

Nov 06, 2012No Comments38 Views

Cosplay Photographers officially announces the newest Ambassador to join, BigWhiteBazooka. Read his intro by fellow friend The Bui.


Cosplay Photographers Ambassador Fernando Brischetto’s Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Private Photoshoot

Nov 05, 20123 Comments91 Views

Fernando does a private photoshoot in an Abbey with a Demon Hunter. Things don't always go as expected and this is how he worked through

Group Shot with PhonecamCP

Madoka Magica Private Photoshoot by Cosplay Photographers Ambassador Ray Lum

Nov 02, 2012No Comments82 Views

Some exclusive shots from Cosplay Photographers Ambassador Ray Lum's private photoshoot with Cosmeko.


November 2012 Featured Photographer of the Month: Jack Liu

Nov 01, 20122 Comments67 Views

This month's Featured Photographer hails from up North in Toronto, Canada. And for something a bit different, this month's interview was conducted by Kitsurie Yuki


2012 NorCal Fall Gathering Con-Report by Surfsama

Oct 31, 2012No Comments73 Views

We have a very special treat for everyone, special guest coverage of the NorCal Fall Gathering by cosplay photographer Surfsama!


Introducing Our Newest Cosplay Photographers Ambassador: Beethy

Oct 29, 2012No Comments96 Views

Introducing our newest Ambassador from Australia: Beethy Koelewijn.


New York Comic-Con 2012: The Best of the Best Features

Oct 23, 2012No Comments144 Views

It's that time again where we put together the Best of the Best Features for a specific con, in this case: NYCC 2012! Take a


The Challenge of the Self-Portrait

Oct 22, 2012No Comments86 Views

Staff photographer Ger Tysk offers insight into the challenges of doing a self-portrait and she offers some great tips on how to do successful self-portraits.


Cosplay Photographers Turns One Year Old

Oct 16, 2012No Comments96 Views

Cosplay Photographers turns one. It's been a fast year for us with much growth and now as we settle in for the second year, there


Guild War: Shining Blade Private Photoshoot by Cosplay Photographer Al Lin

Oct 11, 20122 Comments110 Views

Athena Cole of Enayla Cosplay has always displayed an enormous attention to detail when it comes to crafting her own cosplays, so when I heard