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Final Fantasy IX

Crossing the Hill: Final Fantasy IX Private Photoshoot

Mar 08, 20131 Comment580 Views

Final Fantasy IX, released in 2000, has been enjoying a resurgence lately in the cosplay scene. It has been traditionally eclipsed by other Final Fantasies


March 2013 Featured Photographer of the Month: 35Ryo

Mar 06, 20136 Comments987 Views

This month's Featured Photographer hails all the way from China. Due to some freak issues, this month's interview is a bit different.


Animation on Display 2013 Con-Coverage Report by The Bui and Tim Vo

Mar 04, 2013No Comments402 Views

Animation on Display (AoD) is a small local convention that takes place annually and has been steadily growing every year. Situated inside of the gorgeous


Katsucon 2013: The Best of Features

Mar 01, 20131 Comment897 Views

Check out this year's roundup of the Best of Features for Katsucon.


Katsucon Con Report by Ger Tysk

Feb 28, 2013No Comments327 Views

Katsucon 2013 was the celebration of the convention's 19th anniversary and their 4th year at the gorgeous Gaylord National on the Potomac River just outside

Jornadas del Manga y el Anime by Adrian Ummo

Jornadas del Manga y el Anime Convention Report

Feb 26, 2013No Comments536 Views

Teamwork, a small word with a huge meaning for us at PSF specially when we need to attend a full weekend convention like the one

My Little Pony - Butterfly Rarity by FiveRings

How I Shot It – Butterfly Rarity by FiveRings

Feb 06, 2013No Comments652 Views

Introducing a new series of articles where we take a unique, interesting, or challenging photo and explain how it was shot – the thought process


2012 Cosplay Photo of the Year Contest Winners!

Feb 04, 20134 Comments1034 Views

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2012 Cosplay Photo of the Year!


February 2013 Featured Photographer of the Month: Bunny Tuan

Feb 01, 20133 Comments694 Views

Today we are joined by Bunny Tuan, an amazing cosplay photographer. You may or may not have heard of her as she keeps a fairly



Jan 22, 2013No Comments476 Views

In it's 7th year, Ikkicon returns to its home at the Hilton Austin. Doka gives us his take on this busy little convention.