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Big Wow Comicfest 2013 Convention Report by The Bui

May 27, 20132 Comments356 Views

Big Wow ComicFest might be small in size, but it still manages to draw some big names. The Bui fills us in on the sights


Introducing Our Latest Ambassador: Pugoffka

May 24, 2013No Comments199 Views

We at Cosplay Photographers are very proud to announce the latest photographer to join our family as one of our Ambassadors. It is none other


Cosplay Photography: Playing With Ambient Light

May 17, 20132 Comments501 Views

Chalked full of sample photos with detailed setup analysis including camera settings, this video is a much watch for cosplay photographers who struggle with getting


Insights Into Setting Up and Running an Anime Convention: DAiCon 2013 Con-Coverage

May 15, 2013No Comments247 Views

In the course of 17 weeks, I and 30 other UC Davis students from the Davis Anime Club (DAC) created DAiCon while studying for classes,

Shin from Amnesia by Alfred

May 2013 Featured Photographer of the Month: ARC Photography

May 01, 20131 Comment634 Views

When stepping into the cosplay World and start taking cosplay photography, I started taking photos with my DSLR around conventions with my fellow collegemates who


Cosplay Photography at Hotels and Convention Centers

Apr 23, 20134 Comments546 Views

At Anime Los Angeles, Tim Vo, The Bui, and Sushi Monster sat down for a panel discussion regarding tips and tricks on photography at hotels


Cosplay Photographers Critique Corner Episode 4

Apr 17, 2013No Comments301 Views

Watch episode 4 of our latest Critique Corner. For a change in pace, we did a five-photo critique instead of the usual one. Enjoy.


Speed Edit – A Quick Look

Apr 15, 2013No Comments491 Views

It is to no one’s wonder that post-processing is a big part of my photography workflow, and for the most part I spend roughly 20-30

Final Fantasy Sice by Nyurt Cosplay. Shot with Canon 5D Mark II @ f/2.2, 1/250, ISO-100. Speedlight through shoot-through umbrella on the right.

Cosplay Photography At 50mm

Apr 11, 201334 Comments1262 Views

Let’s face it: serious photography requires serious cash, but that goes with every kind of hobby, cosplay included. But for every hobby, there are always

Cupcake Cosplay

Convention Report – Anime Matsuri and the USA World Cosplay Summit Finals 2013

Apr 10, 2013No Comments469 Views

With a brand-new location in the heart of downtown Houston, Texas, convention guests from as far away as South Korea and a host of the