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Announcing our Partnership with Cosplay Vid...

Jul 06, 20121 Comment

Today marks another milestone here at Cosplay Photographers: We’re happy to announce that we’re partnering up with Cosplay Videographers. What does this mean for those

My First time at A-kon

Jun 26, 2012No Comments

A-Kon is North America's longest running national anime convention. With over 21,900 attendees this year, it's also one of the largest. This was A-Kon's 5th

Adam Jay – An Introduction

Jun 25, 2012No Comments

First, I have to say what a complete honor it is to be asked by Cosplay Photographers to be one of their Ambassadors. When I

Announcing Our Partnership With Crunchyroll

Jun 22, 2012No Comments

We're very pleased to announce a partnership between Cosplay Photographers and Crunchyroll! We're very excited to welcome them to our family.

C.C. from Code Geass. Cosplay by Electric Lady. Photo by Mamuro5254.

Special Cosplay Interview with Cosplay Phot...

Jun 14, 2012No Comments

Richard Bui of Bui Photos sits down to interview Cosplay Photographers' very first Spokesmodel. Come inside and learn more about Kara aka Electric Lady.

Fanime 2012: The Good, The Bad, and The Fun...

Jun 12, 20121 Comment

Fanime 2012 came and went this year and while it had some notable problems, it was also a huge blast and the best Fanime so

Fanime 2012: The Best of the Best Features

Jun 05, 20126 Comments

Post-con depression? We hear you. It's ok. We got something to help you out, come inside and check it out.

Questions and Answers – Round 1

May 24, 2012No Comments

Our very own staff writer and senior photographer has put together an excellent Q&A that answers some broad questions that we've been commonly getting from

Electric Lady as SeeU from Vocaloid Rising Voice. Photo by Vince of Cosplay Photographers.

Introducing Our First Ever Spokesmodel: Ele...

May 03, 2012No Comments

Introducing our latest endeavor, Cosplay Photographers Spokesmodel and Brand Ambassador. Our very first person to have this spot is none other than Kara aka Electric

BGZ Studios – All About the Environme...

Apr 23, 2012No Comments

We have a special treat for our readers today! We’d like to give a big welcome to our newest Ambassador, Darrell Ardita of BGZ Studios.