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Ray Lum is The Canadian Ambassador because we have to have at least one :P Based in Toronto, Canada, he is better known for his glamour photography but he shoots cosplay for more creative concepts.

Madoka Magica Private Photoshoot by Cosplay...

Nov 02, 2012No Comments

Some exclusive shots from Cosplay Photographers Ambassador Ray Lum's private photoshoot with Cosmeko.

Ray Lum Photography – Reactive Creati...

Oct 03, 2012No Comments

I’m a reactionary photographer. Likely, this comes from starting with imports; I don’t like posing my models too much or restricting them with too much

Anime North 2012 Convention Report by Ray L...

Jun 13, 2012No Comments

One of our very own Ambassadors was up at Anime North and brings back some photos and information for a con-coverage report.