Featured Photographers: Recap #5

We wrap up our chat with some our favorite photographers with a look to the future. What’s next for them?

Cosplay Photographers: What’s your next cosplay/photo project you’re really excited for?

BigWhiteBazooka: I grew up with exposure to gaming and anime. As iI sharpen my skills, I want to be able to represent some of the things that inspired my childhood in my own way of storytelling and image-making. I’m looking forward to working on projects that remind me of why I nerd out. There’s a handful of series that I really want to tackle such as Evangelion, Escaflowne, and Final Fantasy. Gears are cranking and I can’t wait to share with you guys what I’ll be doing next.


Pugoffka: Recently we started to work with the Arthammer Workshop. We already made Warhammer40K photoshoot and now we are going to shoot another three projects: Mad Max, Ant-Man and original elf.


Hexlord: I am planning to produce a photobook based on photos that I have taken over the past 10 years, maybe towards the later part of this year or sometime next year. The photobook would be strictly for personal keepsake but I am open for a giveaway session in the future, if anyone is interested!

As for future photo projects, I am also considering moving into the fashion/commercial line but it will be a gradual process as I would need to gather advice from fellow peers who are already very well-experienced in those fields. I feel that it would be a good learning experience which I can apply to future cosplay shoots as well.


Elysiam: Let’s just say I haven’t thought of it yet. But when I do, hopefully it changes everything.


Muze: It is getting close to Halloween so is a good time to start on my horror projects again.


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