Featured Photographers: Recap #4

We’ve always believed that Photographers play a large part in the cosplay community. It’s up to us to represent the amazing work of cosplayers in bringing characters to life. In some cases, we represent the cosplay community to the larger worldwide media audience. The rest of the world sees our photos and we can portray cosplayers as passionate artists; or they might see the wrong photo and think we’re all costumed freaks. So what can we do?

Cosplay Photographers: What is something you want to change about the cosplay / photography community?

Pugoffka: I guess we should do more things to unite communities in different regions. For example, recently I was invited to photo meeting in Poland. It was a very interesting experience for me. About 50 cosplayers and 20 photographers gathered together in one small town. There were a lot of photoshoots at different locations during whole weekend. Everyone had a lot of fun at this event. But the main thing that the photographers can watch each other’s work and share experiences.


BigWhiteBazooka: I love that everyone is coming together to create artwork. From personal experience, having fun while shooting is the most important thing. I think the camaraderie and friendships that I have made with both cosplayers and other photographers is worth every moment I have spent at a con. Everyone has skills they’re working on to contribute, but treat others like people. Don’t treat them like a means to an end. When was the last time you asked to take a selfie with your photog? I’m pretty sure they’d appreciate it. I know I do.


Elysiam: Toxicity in cosplay is rampant.  The sheep mentality is rampant. Sensitivity is at an all time high. There is just way too much wrong with it to list.  Simply put, cosplay suffers the same successes and pitfalls as any other popular culture.  If people want anything about this culture they love so much to change, is to stop perpetuating those elements which add to problems and start promoting and producing solutions.  What I see from people today is the equivalent of complaining about “the system” but not taking active measures to be the change they want to see.

LOTR by Elysiam

Muze: I don’t have anything to comment on this.


Hexlord: If there is something I would like to change about the community, it would be to have a more positive mentality of improving oneself rather than taking it in a destructive and negative manner (the source of many online dramas). Being competitive is fine but always remember that the most important person to “beat” is you yourself.

Also, specifically for the cosplay photography part, I would like to see a greater emphasis on “working with the basics”. Although image manipulation remain a popular aspect in today’s cosplay photography, improving one’s photography skills can open up doors for the younger, aspiring photographers in the near future.



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Tim is the principal photographer for FiveRings Photography and co-founder of Cosplay Photographers. When not shooting cosplay and writing about it, he's busy photographing engagements, motorsports, and fashion. He can also be found playing Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, or Bejeweled when he should really be editing photos.

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