Featured Photographers: Recap #3

We continue the discussion with some of past featured photographers with a look toward the future. These guys have been doing it for years, but who might be the next set of featured photographers that we’ll be recapping with years from now?

Cosplay Photographers: Who’s an upcoming Cosplay Photographer we should know about?

Hexlord: Adrian Ng (Le White Photography – https://www.facebook.com/le.white.photography), who is a former cosplayer turned photographer, has recently burst into the Malaysian ACG community’s limelight with his subtle and yet deep sense of photographic vision. He may not be using the most expensive of camera equipment but his works so far speak volumes. I always felt that a photographer who have stepped into both sides of the camera, would have in general a better understanding of how to bring his/her visions to life.  And he is a prime example of that.

Tin Sen (Tin’s – https://www.facebook.com/Tins22), a young artist who applies his creative design methodology into his photography, have already started making waves in the local scene as well.

Muze: I think you guys pretty much covered everyone I know.


Pugoffka: I am still a huge fan of 35Ryo (https://www.facebook.com/35ryo) and Shiro Ang (https://www.facebook.com/shiroangphotography) since 2012. Recently I have met a wonderful photographers Wenbin (https://www.facebook.com/wenbin.photo) and Studio Zahora (https://www.facebook.com/studio.zahora.eu)I was glad to work with Zahora as a model. I think that sometimes photographer should be on the other side of the camera to understand how a model feels like.

BigWhiteBazooka: By being at conventions promoting my work, I’m super lucky to have been able to meet a lot of photographers who share the same passion.  It’s super neat to see the different levels of photographers from ones who just picked up a camera, to those who are fully comfortable in crafting their images.  I think we all share the hard work and dedication and it makes it super fun.  In the California circuit, I’ve met a bunch of guys at cons who just are having a good time when they shoot.

Journey by BigWhiteBazooka

Elysiam: Jeff M Photography (https://www.facebook.com/Jeff-M-Photography-534991306606877)

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