Featured Photographers: Recap #2

Some of our featured photographers have been honing their craft for over a decade now. Although schedules, priorities, and life can sometimes get in the way, we wanted to know what it is that keeps these photographers going. We check in with BigWhiteBazooka (April 2012), Elysiam Entertainment (December 2014), Hexlord (November 2011), Muze (August 2013), and Pugoffka (May 2012) to find out what they love about cosplay photography.

Cosplay Photographers: What keeps you interested in cosplay photography?

Elysiam: That’s a really good question honestly.  Thank goodness I know how to answer that.  It’s the relationships that I have formed in the community.  I got into it because I wanted to be a part of cosplay.  Now that I’ve done that and made relationships, I now spend more time cherishing that, than I spend time shooting.  I think that’s why I became so driven to do it in the first place, because I wanted to be able to give value to the community and meet amazing people.Yuurisans Elsa Anna

Hexlord: Last week, I have mentioned that cosplay can span many different series, which led to new things to look forward to each time. I guess this is one of the main factors that kept me interested in cosplay photography after all these while.

Also, some of the long term friendships with cosplayers can keep up the motivation factor too! As they grow and improve themselves, the journey in following their progress (and recording them for posterity) can be very interesting and motivational.


Muze: What fascinates me about cosplay photography is that there are always multiple ways to approach it, it is only limited by my imagination and resources. It is never dull as I always find myself in need of learning new things just so I can find a more suitable way to shoot a series, plus most of my shoot is an adventure in its own.


Pugoffka: I love to travel and a cosplay photography is a very good reason for it. Also my friends inspire me to create new projects. And I want to bring to life all the ideas. But ideas come faster than we can put them into practice. So, the ideas and desire to share it with everyone keeps me in a good shape and do not allow me to stop.


BigWhiteBazooka: As cosplayers are ever evolving, their craft just becomes better and more provoking.  In the last few years, I’ve taken to dive into understanding the cosplay workflow in constructing.  It really has taught me to respect the work and effort that people put into their cosplays and in turn the value of a good photograph is so important as most of the costumes don’t last forever.



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