Featured Photographers: Recap #1

As we come up on our 4 year anniversary(!!!!) here at CosplayPhotographers.com, we wanted to take a moment to recap and catch up with some of the photographers we’ve featured. Our esteemed panel of photographers includes BigWhiteBazooka (April 2012), Elysiam Entertainment (December 2014), Hexlord (November 2011), Muze (August 2013), and Pugoffka (May 2012). We posed 5 questions to our photographers on where they’ve been, where they’re headed, and what they’ve been up to. We’ll release their answers to a new question each week. So first, let’s see what they’ve been working on!

Cosplay Photographers: Photography has brought us all together and sent us on different paths. What have you learned or done with cosplay photography since your feature?

BigWhiteBazooka: So much has happened since April 2nd, 2012!  Photoshop has gotten better so it does all the work for me.  JK, jk.  Seriously though, I’ve had a chance to travel more to do photoshoots in the last few years and meet some amazing people.  I was blessed to have to support of many backers on Kickstarter and published my own collection of photographs known as Project:Bazooka.  It was a huge learning process for me, not only on the side of creating content, but also in understanding how to layout and write a book.  I hoped to share as many experiences as I could in it so that people could see how fun our hobby is and how impressive my friends are at their cosplaying.  Sharing knowledge and keeping the community going is very important to me and it’s something I want to pursue more.  I had an opportunity to represent Cosplay Photographers and lecture at Adorama in New York last year and it was a blast.


Elysiam: The last thing you guys have probably seen was The Lady Danger Project which was featured on Kotaku. It was an idea sparked by my friend Anna Fischer. We gathered some photog friends at Colossalcon as a fun experiment of working together and seeing the perspectives of each of our shooting styles. Aside from that, since the feature, I made a transition to a new job and commute. This has lead to extended working hours that have really taken away time for my creative freedom. The only time I have to work on processing has been the weekends and this has been the most active traveling I have done in a really long time if not my entire life. It’s been a gift and a curse. So I haven’t been shooting much of new work but I have been able to go into the archives and I’m working on a new Character Series which I encourage you to check out at www.elysiament.com.

The Ladee Danger Project by Elysiam

Hexlord: Thanks, Tim, for having me again. Well, I can say that I have been running around both locally and also to a few countries nearby for these last few years, always on the lookout for new and interesting cosplayers to work with. Because cosplay can span many different series, there’s always something new to look forward to.
I have also been dabbling in using multiple light setups for indoor / night shoots on a few occasions, and strongly consider beefing up my current lineup of equipment to cater for that next year (depending on my budget of course).

And finally, in the last year or so, I have been trying to work on more conceptual/abstract ideas that is non-technical in nature. I believe that’s the way to go for my photography in times to come.
Muze: I was featured back in August 2013 and a lot has happened since.

Some of the things I learned since:

  • Lighting: Both artificial/natural, how to use light to help set the mood and differentiate between different genre
  • Live effect, water, smoke, powder, fire, etc.
  • Composite photography and light manipulation in post process.
  • Conceptualizing.

All the things I done can be view on my page, some that I felt worth mentioning would be:

  • Build a 10ft cube for underwater shoot
  • Drive 6 hours to a location with gallons of fake blood, with the most recent image of the location been 10 years old.
  • Held 2 cosplay photography exhibition


Pugoffka: About three years have passed since the last interview. During this time I gained a lot of experience in photostudio shooting and usage of special effects. I have changed my style of the photos post-processing. Also I had experience in conducting workshops at conventions.

In 2012 I started with making photoshoots for cosplayers from Ukraine and Russia, and now I often make photoshoots in Europe (Poland, Spain, Romania). During these three years I made about 300-350 shoots. Every time I sum up numbers of photoshoots in the end of the year, I’m scared of its total number.


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