Project: Bazooka, The Cosplay Book You Need To Own Now!

May 14, 2014

I’ve known my good friend Eric Ng, aka BigWhiteBazooka, for a while now. He’s been one of the few cosplay photographers whose skill, style, and personality I truly admire and respect. I remember him talking a couple of years ago about wanting to do a book showcasing some of the most amazing cosplay and cosplayers that he’s has the privilege to work with such as Aku Sesu, Yaya Han, Junkers Cosplay Inc., Precious Cosplay, Sushi MonsterMissyeru, and so many more. Eric has been in the cosplay scene for as long as I can remember and his work continues to amaze me. Having been on photoshoots with him as well as watch him spending the hours to take an image from good to spectacular, I can truly say without reserve that you will very much enjoy owning a copy of Project: Bazooka.

This book is more than just pretty pictures of cosplayers. What makes this book truly worth owning is that Eric goes into glorious details about how he shoots, his thought process, and his general overall workflow.  This is truly a book that can be enjoyed by cosplayers, cosplay photographers, and cosplay fans alike. This book shows what is possible when cosplay photographer and cosplayer(s) collaborate on a whole other level. The level of dedication is truly amazing and inspiring.

Here are some actual previews of the pages that are in the book:

You can also listen to Eric explain more in his Kickstarter video:

This is one book you will not regret owning! Only $35 for 156 color pages of stunning artwork bounded in a hardcover, you would expect to pay more! But through hardwork, Eric is able to offer this book for an incredible value. There are also other packages available which feature additional options, but for an additional $10 over the base package, we recommend the Photographer’s Package which includes your very own Cosplay Photographers t-shirt!

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