Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con Coverage Report by Renoben Photography

March 14, 2014

Wizard World Comic Con is a comic book, and Sci-fi based Convention that tours all around the country, and it finally made a stop at Sacramento, California this year. They decided to hold the convention at the Sacramento Convention Center, but since it was their first year the convention only occupied half the convention center. The Convention itself is a great location since it’s near many food locations, and if you’re a photographer it gives you a variety of places to shoot at that feature urban, nature, and industrial type locations which are all within walking distance from the convention.

Wizard World Comic Con (35 of 39)This convention is most known for the wide variety of actors, actresses, voice actors, comic book creators, and writers that travel with the convention, such as Chris Hemsworth, Norman Reedus, William Shatner, Bruce Campbell, Stan Lee, and many more. Unfortunately if you’re looking to see musical guest at this convention this is one thing this convention lacks, but that still didn’t stop this convention from having a healthy attendance, and allowed a variety of comic book/Sci-fi fans, and cosplayers to come together, and enjoy the things they love.

It’s definitely nice to see a comic book convention make it’s way to NorCal because we don’t have that many down here. So hopefully Wizard World will make another stop in NorCal next year, or allow for new comic book based conventions to open up here. My experience here was quite enjoyable, and the convention itself ran very smoothly. There was a waide variety of cosplayers there so if you’re a photographer you won’t have a lack of cosplayers to shoot down there. I personally didn’t find anything wrong while I was down here, and if they do return next year, hopefully they will decide to use the whole convention center. I definitely do recommend those who are into the comic, or sci-fi genre to make a stop by next year if Wizard World decides to add NorCal to it’s tour list again next year.

Wizard World Comic Con (27 of 39)

Wizard World Comic Con (2 of 39)

For more photos, visit our Wizard World Sacramento Comic Con Facebook album.


I started back in 2008 doing photography, and I was mostly into landscape photography, and a year later I started getting into Cosplay photography. In early 2012 I decided to start my own photography/art name "OneShotArtist", and I started focusing in getting to know the community at Anime/comic conventions, and I started becoming more serious into my photography, and started setting up specialized off con shoots. I have since converted over to my new photography name RenoBen Photography.

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