The Best Cosplay Photo of 2013 Contest Winners!

Congratulations to SpookyElectric for his first place winning photo of Tomoe and Kenshin!

SpookyElectric - Tomoe and Kenshin

One of my dream shoots has been the climax of Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuioku-hen. Okitasemi and Mingswly agreed to do a snow snow shoot as Tomoe and Kenshin. Then I thought a perfect compliment to the shoot would be when the two meet. After some discussion of where we could find a wall to splatter blood on while making it rain, I built a Japanese-style wall and we made a bloody mess of my place. Here’s the result. Special thanks to Constants & BigWhiteBazooka for their assistance.

Congratulations to Muze for his second place photo of Tachibana Makoto & Nanase Haruka!

Muze - Tachibana Makoto & Nanase Haruka

We were trying to express the big brother/caring nature of Makoto to the emotionless Haruka. The Japanese text translated to : “I somehow know what you’re thinking even if you don’t say anything” &
“You may look expressionless but it’s written on your face”. The series is about a boy swim team thus we feel the shoot is fitting for underwater style.

Congratulations to Sergio Aguirre for his third place photo of Pisces Saint!

Sergio Aguirre - Pisces Saint

Sergio Aguirre – Pisces Saint

Honorable mentions to Shiro Ang, BenHardly, Benny Lee, and Paolo Panganiban for their excellent photos! We had some heated debates over this year’s winners and it was extremely difficult to pick. Thanks to everyone who participated! Check back for many more contests throughout the year!


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    I notice that two of the three winners were “judges picks” for the finalists, and not chosen by the community. I’m not accusing anyone of impropriety or intentional abuse of the system, but I feel like you should know that considering the first round was supposed to be the community’s input on who should win, that having the majority of the winners be judges picks makes it seem like there might be some collusion or at the least, diminishes the importance of the community voting portion of the contest. That being said, everyone who placed and won had great photos, and recognizing those is never a bad thing.

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      You aren’t the only one who noticed that. Seems a few groups of cosplay photographers are already talking about this.

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      I see what you’re saying.
      But honestly, when it’s left to the community you often end up having the most popular photogs/cosplayers win due to their fans. I typically prefer a panel of judges for these kinds of contests, but only if they are professionals that are trying to be as objective as possible.
      But I’m not sure if there’s a perfect way to judge who wins the prize for “best” photo. I’m happy with the winners though. Congrats!

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      Then why add the like portion if it actually means nothing? Couldn’t they just show the top 100 and do a rating system per photo per
      judge and see whoever had the highest ratings total by the judge. They
      could judge on a scale of 10 and just tally the total.

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      That wasn’t my point, Chinky. I think that having the community pick a winner is a bad idea too. But the rules for this contest stated that up to 5 finalists could be picked by judges on top of the 30 that had the most votes from the first round. If 2 of the 3 winners did not even win the community portion of the contest, what was the point of the community vote?

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      I’ve brought this concern up before, and though this contest was different from the previous one with an additional layer, this new second layer pretty much nulls the necessity of the first layer which is community-voting (ie whichever photo/model combo has the most facebook followers).
      I’ll admit its tough to run a fair and balanced contest nowadays, but its something that all groups should strive do. Letting people go through images one by one and ranking them 1-5 and take the “highest avg” as a winner is one way to do it about it. Another could be each person needs to write in 2/3 lines why “photo x” deserves to win, which would filter out many FB followers who basically fulfill the simple request of “liking” the photo.
      I’m rambling on, but congrats to the winners they all have awesome photos.

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      I don’t give a damn about who won. Shiro Ang has the CLEANEST shot and it’s look damn nice. It’s feels like I’m actually there when I see the photo. It should have won. The others have been edited to death with Photoshop effects.

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    So are we allowed to submit two photos as one entry like the first place winner in the next contest? Maybe there should be a rule on this, because they are two distinct photos.

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    The contest never should have been a popularity contest to begin with. They should’ve just had the photos presented. No names of photogs, no watermarks, no individual links to each photo, so the voting could’ve been more fair. Just let viewers vote on the picture itself. Also why was the winning photo allowed two photos stitched into one, while everyone else was limited to one? Also the site admins shouldn’t have been allowed to enter, like any site-based contest (even though they didn’t end up placing anyway).

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