Vote For The Best 50mm Cosplay Photo Contest

October 7, 2013

Hey everyone, in case you missed our Facebook announcement, the second phase of the Best 50mm Cosplay Photo Contest is now open for public voting! You decide who will win! Cast your votes now:


At Cosplay Photographers, we believe that cosplay is an art form to be celebrated. We believe that epic cosplays are about bringing your favorite fantasy characters to life and, through the latest mediums like digital photography and videography, sharing that with the world. We seek to foster a community of talented individuals who wish to promote the art of cosplay and photography.


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    It seems as though most of the votes are coming from high-profile FB accounts who have a link directing followers to their specific image. I don’t think this is as much a “best 50mm” contest as it is “who’s got the most FB followers to vote for my photo” contest. An inherently flawed voting system unfortunately.
    To avoid this problem, I’d recommend something along the lines of having the images randomly ordered on a single page, and vote using an IP address system or something of sorts, maybe even voting by having to explain why your selection is “best”.
    “Likes” are cheap.

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