Post Processing Tutorial – Ganondorf

August 14, 2013

In the last “How I Shot It” article I mentioned what amazing results one can achieve in post processing even when a cosplay photo is shot on a plain backdrop. In this installment, I present you an example using a Ganondorf cosplayer photo taken at Anime Expo 2013.

In the video, we covered the setup for the shot, and briefly touched on the basic editing that takes place in all of my cosplay photos. Additionally, I shared with you a couple new editing tips, namely:

Smooth Gradient Background with No Banding

  1. Create gradient background as desired
  2. Add noise » 1.1% (adjust as necessary)

Add Fire Spark to Your Photo

  1. Download a dust brush from the Internet that suits your need
  2. Brush onto a new layer, using an orange-red color
  3. In layer style, add “outer glow” » use a red glow. Adjust other settings as needed
  4. Add motion blur
  5. Free Transform layer » warp. Ad just as desired
  6. Repeat from step 2 until desired results are achieved

With these couple tips and some ingenuity, you are now better equipped to create even more stunning cosplay photos than ever.

_MG_1224 copy

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