Cosplay Photographers Critique Corner Episode 13

This week we go through 5 high quality images and nitpick like crazy. This episode is our best yet and a must see if you’re going for that sleek, polished and professional look.


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    Hey guys, good critique on my Scarlet Witch image. (good catch with the eye catch light) You guys missed a few things though:

    The effects on her hand is in camera. I put a speedlight behind her
    hand with a red gel and had someone blow ecig smoke into it. (Added the
    lightning.) Also she was not cut out of this image, the background was
    added using soft light blending. You can see the making of video at (red gel smoke trick now shown as camera man had to put down camera to do it.)

    David Love

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    I don’t really like these critiques, because it’s kinda proposing that that there’s a standard. Photography is an art afterall, there is no “standard”, if the client loves their shots, you’ve done your job as the photographer. Everyone has their own style, respect that. I could critique Picasso all day too, but people will still like/hate his art.

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      I get what you mean about it being an art form, but every art form or craft has a standard. In basic classes, you are taught symmetry, juxtaposition and a host of other things. Once you have a firm grasp on the basics and an understanding of the standard, that is when individual style and out of the box thinking comes in. But you cant think outside of the box before you learn the dimensions of the box.

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