Cosplay Photography: Playing With Ambient Light

Some of our photographers had an opportunity to present a great tutorial panel discussion at Fanime one year, on the tips and tricks of using ambient light for cosplay photography. This is actually the start of a longer discussion and tutorial regarding lighting in cosplay photography. The Bui, Rachael Masako Ing (Masa-kocha), Vincent Milum, and Tim Vo presented some great tips and tricks on how to achieve excellent lighting by using modifiers such as reflectors, shade, trees, leaves, and more. Chock-full of sample photos with detailed setup analysis (including camera settings), this video is a must watch for cosplay photographers who struggle with getting excellent ambient lighting and shooting in challenging lighting conditions.

Here’s a very useful table of contents on the various topics covered with the key time:

  • 0:50 Our Goal For Today
  • 1:11 Key Concept: Apparent Light Source Size
  • 1:37 Equipment
  • 3:40 Equipment: Modifiers
  • 8:34 Lite panels
  • 9:22 Reflectors
  • 11:10 Why Shoot Ambient Light?
  • 12:27 Common Settings / Modes
  • 13:50 Example Shots
  • 15:19 Lighting vs Time of Day
  • 21:12 Night / Indoor Shooting
  • 25:19 Weather Affecting Shots
  • 27:25 Shooting in the Shade
  • 31:02 Indoor Light Sources
  • 35:37 Conclusions
  • 37:03 Light panel demo
  • 38:20 Questions & Answers

A special thanks to Jim3535yt for filming and editing the video! Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube page for other informational and useful videos.

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