Big Wow Comicfest 2013 Convention Report by The Bui

May 27, 2013

Big Wow Comicfest is a two-day convention celebrating the love for all things comic. This is my first year attending Big Wow Comicfest and I have to say I had quite a bit of fun. It’s a smaller convention compared to Fanime or WonderCon and takes up only one of the convention rooms at the San Jose Convention Center with a few extra rooms for panels. Nevertheless, it was a fun convention with many notable artists as well as the man himself, Mr. Stan Lee. If you have only been to Anime conventions, going to a comic convention is a bit different of an experience. There’s still a variety of cosplay to see, but the characters are mainly from other genres and franchises such as X-Men, Star Wars, Batman, and the like.

The two-days were filled with much to see. I stopped in a number of times to the Dealers Room and saw lots of great stuff. I also attended Sexuality in Cosplay, a panel by Abby Dark-Star, Roxanna Meta, Meagan Marie, and Keith Carter regarding the Cosplay =/= Consent movement that has been spreading. The hour long panel was interesting and had a number of excellent discussion points. It was also awesome to see Jennifer Newman with her boyfriend Grant Imahara (from MythBusters), The Watters Mark Photography duo (Mary-Anne Butler and Bill Watters), Dante Garofani, and others from the photography community.

I also had a great opportunity to do killer group shots of Valerie Perez, Rosanna Rocha, Linda Le (Vampy Bit Me), and others. Thanks to Bill Watters for inviting me! This man knows how to organize group photo shoots.

I spent most of the time roaming the halls and checking out the splendid costumes by some amazing crafters. While a smaller convention, I did find it to be a good size in which it’s easy to photograph cosplayers versus a larger convention like FanimeCon that is much more crowded. All in all, I think Big Wow Comicfest, while it is no WonderCon (and I wonder if we’ll ever get that convention back), is a good alternative that seems to be getting larger and larger each year from what I hear. I definitely look forward to coming back next year.


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    This is a cool article. I was only able to attend the last couple hours.

    Here’s my cosplay set:

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