Cosplay Photography at Hotels and Convention Centers

Not too long ago, Cosplay Photographers Tim Vo and The Bui with special cosplay guest of honor Sushi Monster sat down to do a panel at Anime Los Angeles on the topic of cosplay photography at hotels and convention centers. This is a great video for any cosplay photographer (or even videographer) who might be looking for tips and tricks for shooting at hotels and convention centers. More often than not, hotels ¬†and conventions centers may not have the most obvious spots to do photoshoots, but you’ll be surprised at how many possibilities there are.

Here’s a very useful table of contents on the various topics covered with the key time:

  • 2:04 Approaching cosplayers
  • 3:44 Interacting with cosplayers
  • 10:54 Trying not to be creepy
  • 13:41 Locations
  • 16:49 Live demo
  • 22:35 Attached bars and restaurants
  • 23:19 Stairs
  • 24:43 Parking garages
  • 25:42 Greenspaces
  • 26:07 Loading docks & storage rooms
  • 26:44 Conference rooms
  • 27:14 Hotel / convention lobbies
  • 28:24 Just outside hotels / convention centers
  • 30:02 Parks
  • 30:11 Hotel rooms
  • 30:51 Demo in this room (pre-photographed)
  • 31:54 Dare to be different!
  • 32:28 Playing with light and shadows
  • 33:17 Push your ISO
  • 33:48 Details
  • 34:36 Seeing the unseen / unusual
  • 35:35 Keep it simple
  • 36:06 Playing with strobes
  • 37:34 Groups
  • 40:48 Q&A

A special thanks to Jim3535yt for filming and editing the video! Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube page for other informational and useful videos.

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      Thank you! Hopefully you found it useful and informative.

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    i d like to see any event in sf;w;

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    I love that as a female I never have to worry about coming off as a creeper <3

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