Presenting The Cosplay Photographers Network

March 25, 2013

When Cosplay Photographers was first started, not long after, we knew the cosplay community wanted…needed a database of photographers. There are already plenty of sites for cosplayers to showcase their cosplays, but nothing for the cosplay photographers. At the time, we had an idea, a goal, and the passion, just not the necessary tools to make it happen. Today, that changes. Today, the Cosplay Photographers Network is born. What the Cosplay Photographers Network represents is a place for cosplayers, cosplay photographers, and cosplay videographers to find each other as well as find out which anime conventions each of them might be going to.

So how do you sign-up? It’s easy, just click Sign in with Facebook in the upper right (in the future we’ll have options to sign-in with Twitter and others) and when you’re redirected to Facebook, just click Go to App and Allow. Once that’s done, you’ll be brought back to your profile that says it is a Restricted Profile. If you’re a cosplayer, you do not need to do anything else. If you’re a photographer or videographer, click the big button that says I am a Photographer/Videographer and that will put you into a queue for one of our staff members to review. Once you’ve been approved, here are some of the things you should do to help cosplayers and others find you:

This is just phase 1 of an on-going process to build the best network for cosplay photographers and videographers. We definitely would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, or any issues you’re having. Please use our Contact form. All this would not have been possible without the blood, sweat, and tears of the ever amazing Vince Milum of Darkain Multimedia. The Cosplay Photographers Network is powered by AltaForm, custom software written by Vince. Much of the testing, roll-out, and everything else was handled by the amazing staff, Ambassadors, and Contributors of Cosplay Photographers. They toiled endlessly to help Vince make all this happen. So I wanted to take a moment and thank all the following individuals for their help: Tim Vo, Al Hayashi, Venus-Chan, Sasha-V, Ray Lum, Eric Ng, Beethy, Thomas Kuan, Adrian Ummo, Fernando Brischetto, Ger Tysk, Fokita Manga, Michael Zhang, Andy Wang, Darrell Ardita, Adam Jay, Ejen Chuang, and Airyo Kyu. And of course, thank you, the cosplay community!


The Bui is principal photographer at Bui Photos specializing in wedding and engagement photography. He's also a co-founder of


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    I suppose there’s no way to “sign in” with a Facebook Page (such as a photog studio or fan page) rather than as the base (home) account ?? I’m trying to keep my personal FB Account private, and just use the Page to organize the cosplay aspect.. I dont’ suppose there is a way to do this yet??? EIther way looks fun to work with! Thanks for all the work so far!

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      The Facebook sign-in is just for authentication purposes. While it does pull in some info, most of the info is changeable and we’re working on making the name changeable as well. We are seeing if it is possible to link to fan pages, but it really comes down to if Facebook will allow it or not. We’ll also be implementing additional logins like Twitter and so forth in the near future and that will also help address this. Thanks for signing up and offering us suggestions, we do appreciate it and will work hard to implement as many of them as we can!

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      Look like i’m along for the ride then. here’s to seamless transitions in the future, you guys have your work cut out for you and it cannot be appreciated enough! CHEERS!

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      Thank you so much! There’s still much to do, but we can’t wait to see where this goes.

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    Like the idea and will sign up. Can I also suggest that you add blog or wordpress to the the social links.

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      We have put this down in our list of to-dos! Thanks!

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    Really great video, good job guys!

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      Thank you!

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    can I join?

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      Everyone is welcome to join! At the moment, only photographers and videographers get public profiles, but you can still favorite photographers or videographers for future reference.

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