NorCal Spring Gathering 2013 Coverage Report by The Bui

March 27, 2013

I’ve always been a huge fan of the local cosplay gatherings. It offers so much more of a relaxed environment that you can spend more time crafting out how and where you wish to photograph a cosplayer or cosplayers. It also offers many opportunities to actually get to know the cosplayer, their character, and have some fun as well. So when the lastest NorCal Gathering popped up, I dragged my buddy Ho Doug and joined up with Cabusi, Watters Mark Photography, OneShotArtist, Martin Wong,¬†and Rendy Lai to get in some cool photos.

This Spring Gathering was once again held at Kelley Park in San Jose, which is a great choice for various types of cosplays and shoots. It has an endless lush green plant environment, a wonderful forest-like setting with beautiful trees, railroad tracks, and a Japanese Friendship Garden in the center. I’ve been going to the NorCal Gatherings for a few years now and each one keeps getting bigger and bigger. This gathering had the most RSVPs, coming in at 350. How many people actually showed up? It’s hard to say definitively because attendees were scattered about, but if I had to give a number, I would say about 200-250 throughout the day, which is still quite impressive for a gathering. Special thanks to Bekalou Cosplay and OscarC Photography for organizing another amazing NorCal Gathering!

Below are some photos I got of the Gathering. You can see more in our Facebook album.


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