Critique Corner – Monster Hunter Guild Sweetheart by @JeproxShots

March 12, 2013

As a part of our ongoing effort to help the cosplay photography community grow, we have created Critique Corner where photographers can submit their photos for critiquing by our ambassadors from around the world. In this episode of Critique Corner, we focus on a submission by Jeff a.k.a. JeproxShots from his Monster Hunter Guild Sweetheart photoshoot, and we have invited Beethy, Darrell of BGZ Studio, Vince of Darkain Multimedia, and Al a.k.a. Shunichi Al Hayashi to comment on the photo. Here is our conversation.


I am a Seattle, WA based lifestyle fashion photographer who has Cosplay to thank for his adventure into the photography world. In addition to fashion, I also maintain Costographer as my cosplay work outlet:

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