Second place: Anderson Bonioli - Yuno Gasai

Best Cosplay Photo of 2012 Second Place Interview: Anderson Bonioli

Cosplay Photographers: Please introduce yourself. How long have you been doing photography? How long have you been shooting cosplay? Is cosplay your primary/favorite subject to shoot?

Anderson Bonioli: I have been into photography ever since my childhood, when I used the old Pentax film camera my father had. Obviously, it was more or less just for fun, as there were no good pictures from that period. Later, I studied photography on Escola Panamericana de Arte, and there I learned a lot about the studio, photography and laboratory process in BW film and Color / Transparency film. I think that the many things I know came from the old school age of the photography. Later I developed an interest in Graphic Design, and started as a professional photographer.

I have been into cosplay photography since 2006, but mostly as an amateur and out of curiosity. I started to look at this more “professionally” in mid-2010, when I started to look into more sophisticated arrays of cosplayers than event coverage. Now I can say that cosplay photography is my favorite subject to shoot, because I can express all my creativity in the photos.

Cosplay Photographers: How did you come up with the idea for this shot? (e.g. based on an image from the character? Something you made up? Idea from the cosplayer? …etc.)

Anderson Bonioli: I really loved the Mirai Nikki series. The cosplayer and I worked together to imagine the scene based on a photo that I had seen of a guy throwing a knife to the camera. That photo was particular about movement and play on perspective, rather than a cosplay-related photo.

Cosplay Photographers: What challenges did you encounter in creating the final image and how did you overcome them? (e.g. setup, lighting, props, timing, environment, location, equipment, post production, malfunctions, etc.)

Anderson Bonioli: When I was setting up the equipment, some tests were done to reach the correct and desirable look to the scene. The most difficult part was the knife: it’s a real knife, very sharp (and it was on the scene, not inserted later)! It cut the invisible wire many times. The wire is really thin, almost as thin as a strand of hair. The second problem was the wind, which affected the suspended knife, the wig, and sometimes the light setup (umbrellas). It is not obvious in the photo, but the location is an open place, not indoor.
The post production was the easiest, with very few things to correct.

Cosplay Photographers: If you could do it again, would you change anything about this shot?

Anderson Bonioli: Maybe create a more chaotic scene, with more blood, and splashing blood frozen by the camera/flash.

Cosplay Photographers: Is there anything you would like to say to the cosplay photography community and those who voted for you?

Anderson Bonioli: I wish to say thanks for all the friends and people that liked my work and helped me on the voting. Thanks to all the cosplayers and other photographers that make wonderful and inspiring photos and costumes. We live in a big and beautiful world, and cosplay photography expands this into a world of unlimited possibilities. Keep up the good work everyone!


At Cosplay Photographers, we believe that cosplay is an art form to be celebrated. We believe that epic cosplays are about bringing your favorite fantasy characters to life and, through the latest mediums like digital photography and videography, sharing that with the world. We seek to foster a community of talented individuals who wish to promote the art of cosplay and photography.


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    I thought you did a really great job capturing this photo! This is by far one of the best Mirai Nikki photos I’ve seen! Keep up the great work!

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    Epic photo is epic – really good job.

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