Animation on Display 2013 Con-Coverage Report by The Bui and Tim Vo

March 4, 2013

Animation on Display (AoD) is a small local convention that takes place annually and has been steadily growing every year. Situated inside of the gorgeous Hotel Kabuki in the heart of San Francisco Japantown, I’ve been attending AoD now for the past four years and have always had a great time. AoD is a smaller convention compared to Fanime or WonderCon (when it was still around here), but it’s a nice intimate event with lots of opportunity to interact with cosplayers and see amazing costumes. Animation on Display is a two-day event.

This year, I was joined by Cosplay Photographers’s co-founder, Tim Vo of FiveRings for a weekend of fun. Also my friend, Ho Doug, a new photographer to the cosplay scene joined Tim and myself. We started Saturday around 11 AM and Hotel Kabuki was already buzzing with activity. We started making the rounds around the hotel checking out the dealer hall, panel rooms, and so forth. The scheduling for AoD was quite extensive with lots to do. For example, on Saturday, events start at 10 AM and run as late as 11 PM on the Main Stage, in any of the three Live Event rooms, Video Screening room, and more. There’s definitely something for everyone, so there is always something to do. We were able to catch an amazing concert performance called Hideo. Hideo is told through music and theatrical performances. The music used are from iconic Japanese anime series and video games such as Macross, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, and so on. The music is performed by a live band that is weaved into the actual performance, not like a typical performance where the band is just providing music. It was a great performance and we look forward to seeing more. We also did some cosplay photoshoots around the beautiful hotel. If you’re struggling finding places to shoot, consider watching our panel discussion video we did a while back with tips for shooting at a convention.

Sunday was definitely a more easy going day. Tim and I spent it casually doing coverage shots. There were still quite a number of cosplayers and attendees roaming around Hotel Kabuki as well as Japantown.

Overall, we saw some great cosplay costumes, enjoyed many great foods, saw many friends, and had a great time at Animation on Display. If you have never been to AoD, we highly recommend that you put it on your calendar for 2014, because we already have and we’ll see you there! In the meantime, enjoy some coverage photos and be sure to check out the rest of the photos in our Animation on Display (AOD) 2013 Facebook album.


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