Jornadas del Manga y el Anime by Adrian Ummo

Jornadas del Manga y el Anime Convention Report

February 26, 2013
“Teamwork” is a small word with a huge meaning for us at PSF, especially when we need to attend a full weekend convention like the one we were covering a few days ago. The “Jornadas del Manga y el Anime” ( Jornadas could be translated as “seasons” or “days” ), is a 4-day con at one of the very best spots in the city to shoot and we were fully surrounded by a traditional Japanese garden as you can see in the following photos.

Jornadas del Manga y el Anime by Adrian Ummo

I always carry my strobist photography gear no matter how the natural light is, trying to give a different point of view from the usual sunlight. But this time, I chose to leave all those softboxes, tripods, and flashes at home to play more with just a pair of lenses and  camera to try to shoot as much as I could. There were a lot of cosplayers at this convention, and everyone loved to show his or her traditional Japanese costumes or Anime characters who specifically related to more traditional stories, instead of modern armor or futuristic costumes.
Jornadas del Manga y el Anime by Adrian Ummo

Jornadas del Manga y el Anime by Adrian Ummo

I started with my 50mm  f1.8 nikkor lens for portraits and stepped further away from the model to incorporate more of the garden’s environment into the shot without harming the grass. Later, I used the wide angle of my basic 18mm kit lens to get not only the cosplay but also the beautiful scenery. For the most part, I shot the convention with the prime lenses to also catch a wider angle without losing that plain aspect of the 50mm.
Jornadas del Manga y el Anime by Adrian Ummo

Jornadas del Manga y el Anime by Adrian Ummo

When you get the chance to not only ask the cosplayers for a short photo-shoot session at a convention, but also talk about anything, gain confidence or just to have fun, you can spare some time to choose a better and quieter place away from the crowd. It’s not an easy task, but I always try to take a moment besides photographing to just take a walk along the garden, searching for a good spot and sharing thoughts with the cosplayers. It’s something that we always follow at PSF: shooting and having fun, making new friends, teaching poses and learning about what cosplayers want for the characters they are representing. These kind of events let you take your time to relax and shoot, because you know that the next day you can try something you might’ve missed and not stress for time when the con ends.


Fernando also has his own take on the convention:

When you think of a good background for cosplay photography in Argentina, you will probably think that there is no better place than the Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires, where the con “Jornadas del Manga y el anime” takes place several times a year. You can find karaoke, drawing competitions, everything about manga creation, and of course, cosplaying.

This time, the convention took place for four days in February. Even though it was summer, which is pretty hot, it didn’t stop cosplayers from being there with not-so-light costumes. The con is one of the oldest in Argentina, and it has been going on for more than seven years. You have a variety of typical landscapes/scenery at your disposal, like the tea house, the classic red bridge, a colorful fish pond and small passages across it. The cherry trees are there as well, even though it wasn’t the right time to see them blossom.

I attended every day of the convention and the place was always full of people. Everyone was welcome, and that included tourists who were amazed to find cosplayers in such a beautiful setting. I used almost every spot to get the shots, using both non flash and umbrella photography to add a little variety.

Overall, this could be my favorite place and convention of all because of its beautiful outdoor scenery, which is more than ideal for photography, cosplay or otherwise.

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