New York Comic-Con 2012: Post Con Coverage Report by Lawrence Brenner

November 16, 2012

Editor’s Note: This post was delayed due to Hurricane Sandy. Lawrence lives on Long Island, New York which was hit extremely bad by Sandy.

One of my favorite things about super-shows like New York Comic is that is gives you on opportunity to connect with people who would be coming from all over just for this show. As cosplayers and photographers we know this is that many of our friends can live quite far away, and that conventions, especially the larger ones are great places to connect, reconnect, and sometimes even meet the people you talk to mostly online.

NYCC inside and even outside the Javits Center was packed, each day, all day, full of cosplay and fans.

For me NYCC was five days, as opposed to the four that most people would think, because I also assisted on Wednesday with the great people at, it was here I met Dustin Dorough of Superman’s Hospital Heroes Tour ( For those of you not familiar with his tour he is to quote “hitting the road to visit at least one children’s hospital in every one of the 48 continental United States and two Canadian provinces while wearing my movie quality Superman uniform” to bring them happiness and the most important thing that any hero can give, hope.

Setup day is actually an extremely interesting thing to see and participate in as you get to see all the big displays being built and large empty space with a concrete floor becomes the backdrop of the millions of photos (and that is not a made up figure, I mean that literary) that you get to see from the convention floor. This despite the noise of machinery, such as forklifts, is a mostly quiet day great for catching up with exhibitor friends such as my longtime friend the manager of New York’s Kinokuniya Bookstore. If you are a local to NYC or even just visiting the store is a really nice place to checkout.

It was during this time while walking around the Javits mapping the convention center I saw some of the setup that my friend and Cosplay Photographers Ambassador Adam Jay would be having for his photobooth and the live Latex Venom photoshoot with the fabulous Freddie Nova (more on this later).

One of the reasons I like to walk the con is to get a feel of how long it might take to get to place to as well, as I get the layout down. For example the artist alley is much father away than it appeared on the maps and from the middle of the show floor it was almost a mile away (or it certainly felt like it). It was not the best for the artists in the artist alley nor those who would wish to go there which is usually a lot of people because there is some nice art and cosplay so see such as AZ Powergirl‘s and the art from Jon Hughes, as seen in my coverage of Baltimore Comic Con, and my friend and my Fire Nation and United Forces Portrait Artist, Mina Sanwald.

Photography inside the Javits can be interesting because of the odd way light seems to work inside the center, all over the place. Light in many areas is very different even across what looks to be a more or less uniformly light show floor. Our Best Of NYCC feature has a few examples from inside the Javits.

However, the show floor can be of the best places take photos of unique cosplays, setups, and even more. On the show floor there are those one of kind moments and events, several of which I have including in this gallery, along with some great photos I took of my friends Dolly and Envy of Cosplay Deviants in the Javits Center Food Court

Such examples are Kayhettin of Elysiam Entertainment being sticker bombed, Thor Parker of Midtown Comics channeling Rorschach, and Marvel’s own C. B. Cebulski holding my Punisher BOLO prop (created by me). These kind of photos would simply not happen it not for conventions. Most people are familiar with the various mashups of characters, internet memes, and other, that generally you also see only at conventions, and as you can imagine at this show there was the plenty of those.

On the show floor itself (and when I say show floor) I mean everything inside the the Javits Center, there were plenty of great picture locations, the statue of Jacob K. Javits himself is always a popular location for photoshoots and gatherings, and Sega had a great setup from Alien where you could get shots yourself fighting an alien, right near one of the entrances and this made it a popular destination.

Now one of the most interesting things to watch and get photos of was the Latex Venom shoot as mentioned above by Adam Jay and Freddie Nova . Many people do not get to see photoshoots, only the results. Now there are of course behind the scenes photos and videos, but to see everything done live from start through photos with the audience, was a real pleasure. Many people do not know how long it can take a to do a shoot with all the preparations and the like, but here you got the see the entire process of art happen.

You could see some really nice things with families getting together such as a Ninja Turtle Family. It is always fun to see families as a whole get into the entire fun of cosplaying.

Beyond all the various cosplay pictures and pictures locations there were plenty of very awesome and interesting events, such as the panels and Sci-Fi Speed Dating.

Of the most interesting panels to attend (and due to how busy and crowded NYCC was I could not attend everything I wanted to) was the “Psychology of Cosplay” panel in which many things of cosplay were discussed from a psychology standpoint, by several highly respected cosplayers and psychologists, there is some great [photography in this presentation as well as a lot of great information.

One of the coolest events to be invited to watch and photograph was Sci-Fi Speed Dating by my friend Ryan Glitch. Ryan has created a wonderful event for single people to meet and form romantic relationships with at conventions, to quote: ‘If you are tired of looking for love in Alderaan places, if you want to ‘Terminate’ your single life, and if you are looking for someone that you’re comic collection will actually impress, then sign up!” Ryan is a wonderful and very humorous host, and all in attendance were enjoying themselves and I know many people made connections. This is a highly recommended event and it should be the find of event that you recommend to your local convention. Our readers who also attend AX, SDCC, and Dragon*Con would definitely love having the Sci-Fi Speed Dating Crew in.

There was just so much to see and do at NYCC (inside the show) and outside at the many afterparties, and there was tons of great cosplay to take pictures of and just enjoy. Now the Javits is not the best place for taking pictures, but there are plenty of great pictures to take. As the largest convention on the east coast NYCC is definitely an experience and it is packed, but it is really, really fun.

And as always here are all the pictures:


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