Madoka Magica Private Photoshoot by Cosplay Photographers Ambassador Ray Lum

November 2, 2012

Hey guys, I recently did a Puella Magi Madoka Magica Photoshoot at an abandoned building. The shoot was about 2 days and we also filmed a short fan film just for fun. Check out the trailer on Cosplay Videographers!

The parking lot shots were all done with natural light, but the building shots were shot with an alienbee RingFlash + natural light.

Shooting on a roof on a windy day was probably the most challenging thing. Wigs and skirts blowing everywhere, don’t worry, everyone including me was wearing shorts underneath!

We also went to a local university to shoot some school uniform photos.


Ray Lum is The Canadian Ambassador because we have to have at least one :P Based in Toronto, Canada, he is better known for his glamour photography but he shoots cosplay for more creative concepts.

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