Long Beach Comic & Horror Con 2012 Convention Report

November 28, 2012
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Now in it’s 4th year, the Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention is a fast growing event that offers a variety of activities for attendees. It is held at the Long Beach Convention Center in the heart of downtown Long Beach and attracts an estimated 10,000 attendees over the weekend. I always try to make it to this con because it’s pretty close to where I live. This year, I brought my nephews and a couple friends and we wandered the convention for a few hours, taking in all the con had to offer.

Harley's Joker and Batman

Harley’s Joker and Batman are staples of the southern California convention scene.

More than just a comic book convention, the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con offers activities and shows along with industry panels and exhibitors. This year’s event had a laser tag area that I ran around in with my nephew. I was the last person standing in my rebel squad, but was no match for the Empire forces. I’ll take the fight to them next time! Also featured was a small roller derby area where some roller derby super girls battled it out in front of an excited crowd.

Laser Tag Arena

Laser Tag Arena

Roller Derby

Roller Derby


Between shopping trips in the exhibit hall (where I picked up a copy of The Invincible Iron Man Omnibus Vol.1 and 2 for myself and my nephews), we also sat in on an industry panel about Character Design that featured a couple of Disney artists talking about the concepts behind the latest series, Princess Sofia. As always, some wonderful cosplays were displayed all over the con. Harley’s Joker never ceases to impress and draws swarms of photographers at every con he attends. He’s always gracious enough to grant everyone that asks a photo. I managed to make a few friends that you might see in an upcoming shoot, so check back for that.┬áLast year’s convention coincided with the Long Beach Zombie Walk that had a massive gathering of zombies. This year, the Zombie Walk happened the previous weekend, but there were many zombiefied cosplays still.

Here are a few photos from the show floor. Check out the rest over at Cosplay Photographers facebook page and definitely bring the family down to the Long Beach Comic & Horror con for a good weekend of fun and comics.



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