Introducing Our Newest Cosplay Photographers Ambassador: BigWhiteBazooka

November 6, 2012

Eric Ng aka BigWhiteBazooka consistently puts out some of the best cosplay photos we’ve seen. He’s been featured so many times in Kotaku, they should just give him his own category, might as well since they already interviewed him. He’s also one of Cosplay Photographers’s Featured Photographers (read his interview here), but most of all, he’s one of my good friends and one of the few inspirations for where I aspire to take my photography. So when Cosplay Photographers approached me to write his Ambassador intro article, I was incredibly honored and quickly accepted before they could change their minds.

There are so many things I can say about this guy: humble, intelligent, amazing photographer, great friend, great teacher…the list could go on endlessly! But what is also great, is that amazing artist is committed to the grand mission of increasing the quality level of the cosplay community. And today, he joins the other Cosplay Photographers Ambassadors as we work to achieve that goal. Welcome my friend!


The Bui is principal photographer at Bui Photos specializing in wedding and engagement photography. He's also a co-founder of

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