Baltimore Comic-Con Convention Report By Lawrence Brenner

When many people think of conventions in Baltimore they think of Otakon (which I also covered). But there is another major convention called Baltimore Comic-Con that takes place at the Baltimore Convention Center. This medium sized convention (approx 10,000+ attendees) hosts terrific programming including the Harvey Awards, which I had the pleasure of being invited to and attending, great panels hosted by industry creatives, and of course cosplay.

Those of you have attended Otakon or seen the many photos from the event will be familiar with the internal fountain area in the Charles Street lobby, a popular area for photoshoots and gatherings. This served as the registration area for the convention. Halls A, B, and D which at Otakon are the Video Gaming and Dance areas respectively became the dealers room packed full of comic creators and artists such as Jon Hughes (Recognize some of the cosplayers behind him? More on that later.) and Dan Khanna and legends such as Denis Kitchen alongside of awesome cosplayers such as my friend AZ Powergirl who works with my friend the talented Alfred Trujillo.

My panel coverage can be seen on Comic Book Resources as there were some really great panels. And of course there was some really great cosplay and some really great cosplayers.

Since Baltimore Comic-Con is only two days I arrived on Friday night ready to cover things as Vigilante (Greg Saunders) on Saturday and Superboy on Sunday.

Going to the convention on Saturday I already saw lots of cosplay on the line such as Mileena and Lady Punisher and even families cosplaying together such as this father cosplaying as Captain America with his son cosplaying as Hawkeye. Once I entered into the convention center and got my badge I had the pleasure of photographing and taking a picture with my friends Han Pan (left) and ValNika Cosplay (right). That’s me as as Vigilante (Greg Saunders) in the center.

There was some time before the panels I needed to cover started so I went into the dealers room and was greeted with tons of great cosplay such as Sue Storm, Nova, and several other rarely seen cosplayed characters such as Krang, Vixen, and Red Tornado.

In addition retailers such as Third Eye Comics were employing cosplayers to hand out cool stuff from their booth.

Even members of the charity groups the 501st Legion and the East Coast Avengers such as my friends Commanding Officer Deadpool (Deadpool-avenger Aza-Eca) and Membership Officer Nocture Eca were in attendance.

It was during this time while I was in the dealers room, I spoke with Jon Hughes about his art. He told me I was right when I asked him if the Catwoman art (lower right Catwoman) was of my friend Yaya Han. He also told me to keep a look out for my friend Alexia Jean Grey who was his model for and would be walking around as Poison Ivy. (If you also notice Supergirl is another cosplay friend of mine Jessica Nigri, and is right next to Alexia.) This further proof that cosplay is art, and cosplayers are the source for even more art.

Going back out to the lobby to make my way to first grab some lunch across the street I encountered even more rare cosplay such as The Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, Starro, and even a Stripperella (who works for Scores, the Gentleman’s Club, no less). While across the street getting food I encountered more friends, one cosplaying as X-Force Deadpool and another as Mr. T (and yes he is the Mr. T. you see at many conventions).

Coming back to through the lobby to get to the third floor where the panels are held (also on the left side of the convention center) I did encounter Alexia as Poison Ivy as well as several vampire hunters including President Lincoln and another cosplayer who was cosplaying as one of the characters from an original comic series.

After the panels were finished, I made my way over to the Harvey Awards.

These awards, hosted by Phil LaMarr, were a true pleasure to attend and to see the writers, artists, and creators (several of them friends), who make the works that inspire us fans and cosplayers, honored by their peers. The Harvey Awards ended after midnight and I made it back to my hotel to plan for the next day.

Sunday as Superboy I made my way to the convention center and I met another Teen Titan, Raven, before the panels I was covering. Heading back down to grab lunch before the next panels, I encountered the Man-Thing and my friends Bethany (who you might recognize from the Women of Comicbook Cosplay 2013 calendar), Jen-Jen, and James. Who were cosplaying as Catwoman, Demona from Gargoyles, and Breast Cancer Awareness Deadpool. Bethany and I did manage to get a nice shot together as well, and I fought a Black Lantern Wonder Woman, photographed Leia and Luke, saw some of the Crossed begin to devour Shaun of the Dead, and photographed Poison Ivy, Huntress, and Hawkeye all before lunch! Before the next panel I was covering I photographed many cosplayers who were entering the costume contest and there was some really impressive cosplay. Such as a Dalek, Gambit, War Machine, Beta Ray Bill, and even President Luthor who was giving away campaign buttons (which he was also wearing) and I photographed Alexia again, this time as Black Widow. After the panel I photographed Scarlett Ambrose as Lady Loki with our friend as a fun Harley Quinn. As the show was ending soon I made my way back down to the dealers room to say my goodbyes and I photographed an X-23 and Psylocke along the way. Once in the dealers room I said my goodbyes and planned a bit with some friends for New York Comic Con, and got some final pictures as I exited.

Baltimore Comic-Con is a fun little con. It is full of interesting things to do and great cosplays to see. It is definitely a convention you should check out if you’re in the Baltimore area and especially if you want to see the Harvey Awards! I know I”ll be back next year!

Here is everything that I shot on my flickr (feel free to tag yourself):


Lawrence Brenner is a cosplayer, photographer, and videographer. Lawrence also covers a lot of cosplay and conventions' academic content which can be viewed on his YouTube channel:

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