Announcing our Partnership with Cosplay Videographers

July 6, 2012

Today marks another milestone here at Cosplay Photographers:

We’re happy to announce that we’re partnering up with Cosplay Videographers. What does this mean for those of you following along at home? We’re now bigger and better than ever, featuring top notch content from your favorite videographers and photographers. This exciting new collaboration will bring you the very best content from your favorite cosplayers and the convention experience. We’re also working on streamlining the delivery of all this great content to you. So whether you read our blog, follow us on facebook, or spend your days on YouTube, you’ll never miss out on your favorite cosplay images and videos.

Videographers bring cosplays to life with the fluidity of motion in a unique way that only they can, while photographers capture the moment and bring you into the fantasy world of cosplay. You’ll also see more fun and exciting projects to come from both Cosplay Photographers and Videographers very soon. We’re excited and honored to be collaborating with such a great team. The first example of this new collaboration can be seen with our recently published Exclusive Elsword Online coverage, featuring an array of quality photos matched with a great cosplay music video. We can not wait to show you more exciting cross-overs featuring both media groups!

So hop on over to their page now and check out the the latest videos that bring the convention straight to you:


At Cosplay Photographers, we believe that cosplay is an art form to be celebrated. We believe that epic cosplays are about bringing your favorite fantasy characters to life and, through the latest mediums like digital photography and videography, sharing that with the world. We seek to foster a community of talented individuals who wish to promote the art of cosplay and photography.


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