Anime Expo 2012: The Best of the Best Cosplay Photo Features

Wow, Anime Expo this year was quite an experience! With the inclusion of the X-Games next door, this presented many challenges for cosplay photographers with the loss of many shooting locations and the tons of people walking around. But that didn’t stop the cosplay photographers we are highlighting and featuring for Best of the Best from Anime Expo 2012!

It’s always hard to narrow the choices down to the Top 10 as there are so many cosplay photographers deserving of “Best of” feature, but we spent countless hours discussing and deciding. There were a number of photographers that were so close to making the cut as well and we’re definitely following them to see what they do next and hopefully they will make the cut.

Series: Diablo III
Character: Demon Hunter
Cosplayer: Aki Yu
Photographer: Tony Quan

Aki Yu as Demon Hunter from Diablo 3. Photo by Tony Quan Photography

Series: Tekken 6
Character: Alisa
Cosplayer: Kim Lam
Photographer: Tiffany Ho

Kim Lam as Alisa from Tekken 6. Photo by Tiffany Ho.

Series: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
Characters: Sharrkan, Masrur, Sinbad, Jafar, and Yamuraiha
Cosplayer: Sonteen12, Renoke, Kato Paku, and Lauren MacPherson
Photographer: John Lynn

Series: Dream of Doll
Character: Sister Tender Shall
Cosplayer: Sadistichibi
Photographer: Mike Rollerson

Sadistichibi as Sister Tender Shall. Photo by Mike Rollerson.

Series: Elsword Online
Character: Elsword
Cosplayer: Aku
Photographer: Tim Vo

Aku as Elsword from Elsword Online. Photo by Tim Vo.

Series: Final Fantasy XIII-2
Character: Lighting
Cosplayer: Tatiana Wok
Photographer: Nelson Castro of Laphotonet

Tatiana Wok as Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII-2. Photo by LAPhotoNet

Series: Deadman Wonderland
Cosplayer: Hope Xu
Photographer: Bunny Tuan

Hope as Xu from Deadman Wonderland. Photo by Bunny Tuan.

Series: Magic Knight Rayearth
Character: Hikaru Shidou
Cosplayer: SailorBee
Photographer: Winter Wish Cosplay Photography

SailorBee as Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knight Rayearth. Photo by Winter Wish Cosplay Photography

Series: Fate/Stay Night
Characters: Saber
Cosplayer: Ariel Steel and Si Eden
Photographer: Ken Eden

Ariel Steel and Si Eden as Saber from Fate/Stay Night. Photo by Ken Eden.

Series: Guilty Crown
Characters: Inori and Shu
Cosplayer: Priscilla Ng and Braden Brodersen
Photographer: Rice Chau of When Was This Taken

Priscilla Ng and Braden Brodersen as Inori and Shu from Guilty Crown. Photo by Rice Chau.


At Cosplay Photographers, we believe that cosplay is an art form to be celebrated. We believe that epic cosplays are about bringing your favorite fantasy characters to life and, through the latest mediums like digital photography and videography, sharing that with the world. We seek to foster a community of talented individuals who wish to promote the art of cosplay and photography.

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