My First time at A-kon

A-Kon is North America’s longest running national anime convention. With over 21,900 attendees this year, it’s also one of the largest. This was A-Kon’s 5th year at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. Our good friend and wonderful videographer, Seth War, gives us his impression of this event. 

This being my first A-Kon ever to attend, I was excited and eager to step foot into the biggest anime convention in Texas. Being a videographer and photographer, I had some friends tell me about the location and good places to shoot. (The convention was held in a big city hotel with very little green scenery around.) I’m not into photography as much as I am into making videos, but many opportunities presented themselves for both video and picture taking while exploring the convention grounds.

Upon my arrival on Thursday, I had already spotted a few familiar faces. While waiting in the pre-registration line, I saw a few elaborately decorated cosplayers. That line was as long as Godzilla’s tail and for good reason too: It’s a very popular convention! I Went into my cozy hotel room for a quick breather, dropped off some luggage, and went straight for the convention. The convention had plenty of walking space and was well lit. There were water dispensers here and there and plenty of friendly con staff. Outside the convention walls were sidewalks with plenty of room to do a full video run by scene without fear of falling off the curb. There is a nice little place for outdoor photography and meet-ups. The hotel’s sky-bridge led to another hotel which had a huge food court, mini-mart, and an ice skating rink! Being in between the huge buildings, there were pleasant gusts of wind blowing between the buildings which also helped me get some nice shots from it.

A good tip that you should always keep in mind before going to a convention: bring your own food and beverages! These are always expensive. And don’t forget the parking! Being prepared is always a good thing before any con. I noticed that the Necomimi cats ears are becoming very popular. I saw many people and cosplayers with them on. These are cat ears which can display the persons attitude through cute cat ear movement gestures. They cost upwards of $120. The volunteers were nice and understanding and things just seemed to work out for everyone except for one part of the con: the masquerade skits. During a few of the skits, the audio would cut out or even skipped which interrupted performers and confused some of the audience. The sound crew quickly fixed the audio issue and everyone enjoyed the skits without any further audio disruptions. The hotel would show the random events happening around the con on channel 4 in a slide show. They also showed the masquerade skits, including a few walk-on cosplayers.

Many memories were captured at A-Kon this year and I hope to catch some more next year. I also met plenty of new friendly people, cosplayers, and even a furry! It also helped that I know some dedicated photographers so I know that I could borrow a few cosplayers from them. Thanks to Oliver and Judy, my wife Telly, and Melodious Angel Cosplay for helping me make my first video there!  Thanks to everyone else who participated as well.  It was my pleasure to record you all (except that crazy preacher guy on the streets, but that’s a different story).

Here is the video of the amazing cosplay from A-Kon. Enjoy!

And additional footage from MLZ Studios:


Hey the names Seth War and if you go to anime conventions then it's very likely that you will come across me recording some cosplayers with my steadycam.

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