AM2 2012 Convention Coverage by Mike Rollerson

AM2 (Anime, Music and Manga) is one of the latest conventions to pop up in the SoCal area. This past weekend marked the 2nd year of the free convention held at the Anaheim Convention Center (the first year was held the same weekend as Anime Expo, so having them at different times was a very welcome change this year). The convention itself is free to attend, no badge required, but certain events such as concerts or guest of honor panels and autograph sessions do require a paid “passport” to attend.

Despite being a newer (and free) convention, there were plenty of great photo locations around the convention center and attached hotel that were open to all attendees. Crowds were small throughout the weekend and hotel/con security didn’t seem to have any issues with using either location for photoshoots (an issue that comes up often at some of the larger conventions) – both even suggested areas of the hotel, convention center and other nearby spots for taking photos (another welcome change from some of the larger conventions).

One of my favorite parts of any convention is running into the cosplayers, photographers, and general attendees I’ve met at past conventions as well as meeting new ones. This year’s AM2 was no exception – most people that I talked to came out from nearby LA/San Diego for a day or two but a couple people came in from out of state to check out the convention. While I didn’t get a chance to attend any panels or events, I had a great time just hanging out with people and taking photos throughout the weekend. Assuming AM2 comes back for a 3rd year in 2013 (and isn’t the same weekend as Anime Expo) I’m looking forward to it!

I’d like to give a big thanks to all of the cosplayers, photographers and everyone else who I had the opportunity to work with this weekend!

Jenova Rikku cosplay (Black*Rock Shooter)

Harquin & Pamisley (Homestuck)

Rachsaysmer Cosplay (Gurren Lagann)

Jenova Rikku cosplay (Black*Rock Shooter)

Yonejiro & Takisiski (Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler)

Lion-S, Jenova Rikku cosplay, Lapis Cabo, Orca-Kitty / NightmareMao (Black*Rock Shooter)

Tora-rin (Queen’s Blade) 

 Airezen Cosplay (Resident Evil)

YumeMelloYume (Harley Quinn – Batman)

Jenova Rikku cosplay (Black*Rock Shooter)

Cosplayer Links:

Jenova Rikku cosplay – Facebook Fanpage | deviantART
Harquin – deviantART
Pamisley – deviantART
Rachsaysmer Cosplay – Facebook Fanpage
Yonejiro – deviantART
Takisiski – deviantART
Lion-S – deviantART
Orca-Kitty / NightmareMao – Facebook Fanpage | deviantART
Tora-rin – Facebook Fanpage | deviantART
Airezen Cosplay – Facebook Fanpage
YumeMelloYume – deviantART

Mike Rollerson

Mike Rollerson is a cosplay/event photographer in the San Diego area.

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