Not ECCC 2012 Coverage

This is not an Emerald City Comic Con 2012 convention report!

Upon arriving at the Washington State Convention Center, there were staff members running around announcing the sell out of badges. This concludes my convention coverage, as I was unable to enter the main floor without a badge. Instead, have some cosplay photographs taken from outside the show floor in the public space of the convention center.

Besides the show floor, there was one event that I was able to witness first hand. The convention teamed up with the SIFF Cinema for a unique showing of Back to the Future, hosted by actress Lea Thompson. The lead up of this event started with a two dozen DeLorean presession hosted by the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club. These guys were nice enough to keep a few of the cars around the theater during the showing so a few of us photographers could get some shots of them. You can’t get much more nerdier than a bunch of 1980’s time machines!

Some notes about this convention. I attended this event just a couple years ago, and it only used a small portion of the back building at the convention center. Before, it was easy to simply walk up, buy a badge, and see the whole show in just a few short hours. This was quite a shocker to show up there this year and see the entire convention center at maximum capacity, as if it were Sakura-Con or Penny Arcade Expo (PAX Prime). There were even reports that the fire martial showed up to declare the building at capacity, and preventing people from entering. Because of this, be sure to pre-register for 2013, or else you’ll be stuck on the outside much like I was this year!

– Vince



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