2012 Sakura Con Convention Coverage and Review

April 24, 2012

Sakura Con is an annual anime convention held in Seattle around Spring time, and is one of the largest conventions of this type around Pacific Northwest. Much like the years before, the convention utilizes the large size and ease of access of the Washington State Convention Center, allowing a huge amount of attendees to come and enjoy all that the convention offers, ranging from panels and comics, to gaming and dancing, and of course, cosplaying.

As my 4th year attendance to this convention, it was clear that they have made some changes to the registration methods and in particular, location. Pre-registering and acquiring the badge on day 0 is definitely one perk the convention offers that most people should take advantage of, as the line for registration extended way beyond the registration building in the following days (Friday, Saturday), and some attendees have reported that they had to wait in line for hours before acquiring their badges. Of course, maintaining a convention this size would require tremendous amount of effort, constant tuning and tweaking, and enormous amount of attention to detail to keep everything in check, and figuring out the the most efficient way for registering is but one of the many tasks anime conventions around the world have to tackle.

Once registration is completed, the attendees are free to explore the convention as they like. One great thing about the convention center is that it is right next to Freeway park, which is one of the most used location for Sakura Con photos that you see all over the web. On top of that, the Seattle weather was delightful over the weekend, and allowed many photo opportunities outdoors. Of the few shoots I did, I definitely made used of the clear sky and nice weather to their fullest potential.

Of the few events I attended, I could tell that the convention is definitely putting in a lot of effort to bring the fullest experience to its attendees. Atelier-Pierrot/Chantilly fashion show was engaging, the dances were full of energy, and the closing ceremony was nothing but wonderful. In short, i couldn’t think of anything they could have done better.

In summary, this year’s Sakura Con has brought me a whole new experience, as it did in the last few years I have been attending. There are always new things to experience, and new ways you can go about enjoying the convention. And that, is why I would give Sakura Con an A+ in my book.

Sheena as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

Cliff as Faust from Guilty Gear

Tali as Millia from Guilty Gear
Skylee as I-No from Guilty Gear
Fae as Dizzy from Guilty Gear
Anastasia as Hyperdimension Neptunia
Elizabeth as Amy (player 2) from Soul Calibur
Dragon Age characters as cosplayed by Matt (Hawke), Alli (Bethany), Selena (Isabela), Loni (Fenris), Nicole (Morrigan), and Jesse (Flemeth)
Atelier-Pierrot fashion

Chantilly Fashion


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