Jedi Knight Private Photoshoot by Darkain Multimedia

A few months ago, Kindra (Seattle WA area photographer & model) approached me with the idea of a Star Wars inspired photoshoot. Having purchased a Lightsaber for myself last year just for possible fun photoshoots, this idea was a very easy sell for me!

Kindra acted as more than just the model for this particular shoot. First, she pulled in Lisa of Platinum Salon (Bellevue WA) for the hair styling. Lisa accompanied us throughout the entire day to help with the hair and even going as far as to change up hair styles between location changes.

Next, Kindra did an amazing job of pre-scouting out locations around Seattle for this shoot. She took us out to a couple of locations that can simply be described as “Urban Decay”, which is exactly the type of environment I love the best. Most of the shooting took place either underneath or on top of old highways, some of which looked like they were right out of a post-apocalyptic movie setting.




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