Chibi-Chibi-Con 2012 Convention Report

As the name implies, Chibi-Chibi-Con is a really REALLY small convention!

In past years, I would attend this convention on my own. In those years, this convention only attracted around 75 people each time. Last year is the first that I’ve missed in quite some time. From my last visit two years ago until now, the convention grew quite a bit! The convention has moved to a new building at the Evergreen State College in Olympia WA. From a quick observation, a good estimate in attendance would now be in the 200-400 range. The main convention space has gone from a few tables of local anime geeks re-selling their old toys to a small meeting hall full with local vendors selling quality merchandise.

This year we arrived as a trio of photographers: Al Lin, Coolpplse, and myself (Vince). Due to time constraints, we could only stay for a couple hours, meaning we didn’t have a chance to see too many of the events that this convention had going on.

Chibi-Chibi-Con offer video programming, panels, a cosplay contest, and even a late night dance. One interesting event that we managed to catch was the martial arts demonstration from Akbar’s Karate School! The school had several members there from all age and skill ranges giving various individual and pairs demonstrations.

All in all, this convention has grown from a small event put on by a college anime club into a respectable miniature convention. This year was by far the best I’ve ever seen it.


Photos by: Al Lin and Darkain Multimedia




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