Pacific Media Expo (PMX) Review and Photos by Cosplay Photographer Martin Wong

November 16, 2011

PMX (Pacific Media Expo) 2011 was a great experience for cosplayers and photographers. First of all, the location was easy to find and suitable for different transportation. The convention was held at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton Hotel, surrounded by parking lots, and located right nearby the airport. Even though, it is not a huge convention such as Fanime or Anime Expo, PMX was full of surprises and had many different activities. In additional to the usual Dealer’s Hall and Artist Alley, they have many panels, activities, classrooms, and even a fashion show. The convention also invited some superstars to this event as well as organized a concert. The hotel itself has two floors of lobby and additional spaces and pool area on the third floor. Every so often, photographers ran into each other in the lobby and had small chat. I met a lot of great new cosplayers and photographers at this event while roaming around the lobby. Overall, I felt this convention was a great event to meet new people and catch up with familiar faces.

I had a great time hanging out a lot of cosplay photographers, including Bigwhitebazooka, Michael Cabusi, Tony Quan, Yosi Photography, and many others. Even though the hotel is not a big convention center, I was able to find multiple places to do photoshoots without hassle. And this time I had the honor to shoot Crystal Graziano (Precious) as Black Widow, Jan Illenberger as Mikura Suzuki from Mezzo Forte, and other people. With the lobby and other hotel areas, I was given a lot of flexibility to try out different shooting styles, it was as much fun at night as it was during the day.

Martin Wong is a cosplay photographer as well as professional photographer and owner of Martin Wong Photography. He is one of the founding and contributing members of, a joint collaboration cosplay photography dedicated to beautiful cosplay photos. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook to see more of his amazing work.

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